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Our team

K7 GRUPO INMOBILIARIO MOJÁCAR is the market leader providing boutique style real estate agencies that is perceived as high profile and innovative.

Consisting of a focused team of experienced, highly motivate and energetic professionals with outstanding combined experience in real estate, property development and asset management.

Every transaction is different, the expert team of K7 GRUPO INMOBILIARIO MOJÁCAR continually develops new and innovative methods, technology and strategies to ensure the best possible results are achieved for all clients.

While K7 GRUPO INMOBILIARIO MOJÁCAR is very much a results driven agency, these results do not come at the cost of honesty, integrity, exceptional service and customer care.

K7 GRUPO INMOBILIARIO MOJÁCAR continuously looks forward to developing new ways to shape the industry of the future and delivering amazing outcomes for all those that choose to choose K7 GRUPO INMOBILIARIO MOJÁCAR as their agency of choice.

Contact us wthout compromise, we are at your service.

Christine González

Manager Sales Dept

Tel (+34) 615 99 52 86

Luis Miguel Valero

Manager Administration Dept.

Tel (+34) 615 99 52 87

Carol Sutton

Agent Sales Dept.

Tel (+34) 625 45 14 33

Marie Laure González

Manager Rental Dept. & Custome Care

Tel (+34) 615 22 40 16

Irene García

Agent Rental Dept. & Administration

Tel (+34) 634 53 92 87

María Victoria Flores

Accounting Dept.

Tel (+34) 950 478 555

Alicia Sánchez Moral

Tax and Legal Adviser (independent)

Tel (+34) 670 09 97 26

Alba Sánchez Moral

Traffic and Foreigners Office (independent)

Tel (+34) 670 09 97 26